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Dance Classes for 2 Year Old Kids

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If your child is always dancing around at home in constant motion, learning dance in our fun, professional classes will bring your toddler coordination, confidence and a burst of self-esteem, all benefits of dance classes that are done correctly.

The toddlers will also learn dance etiquette such as waiting their turn, dancing next to another toddler, saying “here” for attendance, cooperating with the teacher and parent, plus all the toddler fun they have in learning to dance.

All of the basic motor skills are taught in this toddler class for 2-year-olds such as walking backwards and forwards, leaping, hopping, jumping and more.  We also teach toddler ballet lessons with first position, plies and ballet arm movements to classical music.

Dances that focus on using their bodies to make the shapes, dances to increase their rhythm and coordination and of course the joy of performing—which your child already may be a natural at.

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Our baby dance class will teach your toddler all about clapping, rhythm, jumping, music and movement, counting, sharing, waiting their turn, adventure and more.

This toddler dance class gets your child introduced to dance, classroom etiquette, fun, rhythm, coordination, following a teacher, performance, creativity and more toddler fun.

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