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Fitness Classes: Enhancing Performance for Dancers

Supporting the art of dance through fitness

Stretch and strength classes are an essential part of any dancer’s training programme, regardless of their level of ability or style of dance. The focus of these classes is on the development of muscular strength, the increase of flexibility and the improvement of overall physical fitness. By developing these skills, dancers are able to improve their control and range of motion. This also reduces the risk of injury.

Dancers often need to maintain high flexibility to perform certain moves and techniques. This can be taxing on the body, so it’s important for dancers to develop the strength and control needed to manage this flexibility. Strengthening the muscles around the joints can help provide stability. Improving flexibility can help increase the range of motion. Focusing on general fitness can also improve stamina, coordination and balance, all of which are essential to a successful dance career.

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The benefits of focusing on strength & stretch

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The perfect addition to your dance training

Do you want to improve your technique and prevent getting injured? The perfect addition to your dance training is our Strength and Stretch classes. With a focus on increasing flexibility, strength and control, you will see significant improvements in your dance performance. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your dance skills to the next level. Sign up today for our Strength and Stretch classes!

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