KINDERDANCE Classes in Orleans

Dance Classes For Kids 3-4 Years Old

Simple Dance Classes For Children

These 45-minute classes are specially designed for 3-4 year olds. Your child will have a great time exploring the world of ballet. We use a variety of activities to develop coordination and rhythm in our energetic and fun introduction to ballet. Through fun and interactive activities, they learn how to move in time and appreciate different musical styles.

As well as ballet basics, students learn about body awareness and creative movement. Our teachers are aware that young children are still developing their sense of space and body control, so our classes focus on helping them become more aware of their bodies and their movement through space.

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Fun and Energetic Ballet Classes for Young Kids: Ages 3-4

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Let your creativity soar!

In order to make the classes even more engaging and interactive, we use a range of fun props such as scarves, magic wands and musical instruments. These materials give your child the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Our classes allow young children to explore the world of dance and movement in a safe, nurturing environment. Your child will leave each class feeling energetic, confident and excited to continue their dance journey!

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