FRequently Asked Questions

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! We do offer private lessons for children and adults at all levels. This is a wonderful way for a dancer to “catch up” if they have not danced for a while or are in between levels.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, credit card, debit, or e-transfer.
  • Post-dated cheques or a credit card number is required for those who wish to pay by the month.
  • H.S.T. (13%) will be added to all course fees.
  • Credit is not given for missed lessons or for holidays.
  • An annual non-refundable registration fee of $25 plus tax applies for each dancer.
  • There are no refunds after classes begin.
  • An administrative fee of $40 is due for each returned cheque.
  • An outstanding balance fee is applied; this is 1.5% per month.
  • Exam, recital and competitive expenses are additional.
  • Classes may be cancelled or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. You will receive a full refund for any course cancelled due to these reasons.
How can we get a DVD of the Annual Dance Showcase?

Our performances are professionally recorded and you can order a copy of the DVD .

How can we get photos of our dancer in costume with the rest of the dance class?

We will hold 3 photo days before the recital. Parents arrange to purchase photos directly from the photographer, G.R. Martin Photography. The schedule for taking photos will be published in advance.

Is performance in the recital mandatory?

No, but each dancer is encouraged to take part as most dancers find this to be the highlight of the year. Those who choose not to perform in the recital will continue to attend classes and learn the dance. During choreography they will shadow another dancer.

Are there additional fees for taking part in the recital?

You will need to purchase recital tickets, as well as stage costumes and makeup. The costumes typically cost between $45 and $100.

How long is the dance year?

The dance year begins the week after Labour Day in September and ends the last weekend in May.

What is expected of dancers?

It is expected that dancers will:

  • Arrive at their lessons on time, prepared to dance, in their appropriate dancewear with hair tied back or in a bun for ballet
  • Respect fellow classmates and teachers
  • Not leave valuables in a change room
  • Not chew gum in class
  • Take off outside shoes at the door
  • Remain in the building unless a note advising otherwise is provided by the dancer’s parent
  • Pick up after themselves, use the garbage cans and keep the kitchen clean
What happens if I miss a class?

There are no refunds or credits for missed classes, but you are welcome to make up the class if there is another one at an equal level and age group.

What is the refund policy if my child discontinues?

Registration and Course fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

In the event of illness or injury, a credit to your account will be given with receipt of a doctor’s note.

We will switch the dancer to another course of equal value at absolutely no cost if they are not happy with the course they have chosen.  If the dancer chooses to withdraw completely, tuition fees will be credited to your account. Credits do not expire and can be used toward any future classes. Credits are also transferrable to other immediate family members.

A $50.00 cancellation fee (per course) will be applied to ALL withdrawals regardless of the reason.

All withdrawals must be submitted in writing via email at least 2 weeks in advance of when payment is due or the payment will automatically be processed. No course credits will be applied without this notification. Credits will be calculated based on the date we receive this withdrawal notification.

Credit is not given for missed lessons or for holidays.

Any withdrawals after March 1st remain subject to recital costumes fees.

Does my dancer have to take exams?

No. The dance teacher may recommend it. But whether or not a dancer takes exams is up to the dancer and the dancer’s parents.

What qualifications do your instructors have?

All our teachers have been dancing and training for many years in their selected genre. Our ballet teachers are all registered teachers of the Royal Academy of Dance and our jazz and tap teachers have passed the exams required in the ADAPT syllabus. Our stretch teachers are trained in Alixa Flexibility and Progressing Ballet Technique.

Where can I buy dancewear?

Local dancewear retailers include:

  • Brio Dance Wear, 380 Richmond Road, 613 721 1585, and 877 Bank Street, 613 567 9291
  • Malabar Limited, 1610 Merivale Road, 613 225 8374
  • Kiddy Kobbler, Place d’Orleans
I have a son who loves to dance. Do you have classes for boys and what should he try?

Yes! All classes are suitable for boys…from hip hop to ballet to acrobatics!

My child is a beginner but is older. Is there a class for him/her?

We place children on an individual basis and will take into account any previous training in other sports, etc. Classes can be taken on a trial basis in this case.

Do the dancers put on a show for their parents?

Yes! Your child will have 2 opportunities to show you what he or she has learned in class. In December, we hold “open classes” for the parents to observe what they have learned in the first term. In May, we hold our Annual Dance Showcase on stage with costumes and lighting.

How many students are in each class?

The average size of a class is 10 – 12 students. The maximum number in a class would be 20 and the teacher would have at least one, if not 2, assistants in that case.

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