Tap dance as it is known today emerged in roughly the 1920s, when “taps,” nailed or screwed onto shoe soles at the toes and heels, became popular.

Two popular styles are swing tap, also known as classical tap, combining the upper body movement found in 20th-century ballet and jazz with percussive, syncopated footwork and often found in movies; and rhythm which emphasizes footwork using heel and toe taps, typically of a rapid and rhythmic nature.

ADAPT is an acronym which stands for “Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers”. It is a certified dance syllabus offering yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap and Jazz. ADAPT represents an elite group of dance teachers who follow the ADAPT Syllabus and enter their students in the yearly examination process. ADAPT and the ADAPT Syllabus System is taught by over 175 Canadian Dance Studios from coast to coast. It is a dance syllabus which has helped to create a strong, solid technical foundation, along with artistic expression. An up-to-date, current syllabus enhancing the highest standards of jazz and tap dance excellence in the dance teaching industry. ADAPT allows students to better prepare if they wish to join the dance profession. For more information log on to: adaptsyllabus.com

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