COVID-19 Protocols

Leeming DanceWorks Inc. is a member of Ontario Dance Safe Studios and as such, we have taken every precaution possible to ensure a safe environment for your children to dance in.

Daily precautions

We are encouraging and enforcing more hand washing, more use of hand sanitizers, regular sanitizing of equipment, more wiping down and disinfecting of doorknobs, washrooms, and high use areas with antibacterial wipes and/or spray, etc. The studio should be notified if any dancer or staff is exhibiting symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and/or tests positive for the same.

Entering the premises

Students must cleanse their hands when entering the premises. We are using both entrances for our students. The main door is for Studios 1 and 2 and the second door is for Studio 3. Each of the 3 washrooms will also be designated to the 3 studios.

If a child has a gap between classes: we will leave it to your discretion as to whether to pick them up and return them later or let them stay on the premises. If they do stay, they must sit in the waiting area or in the kitchen/homework room area.

Zoom classes

All of our classes are scheduled to be in-studio. Having said that, we will be fully set up with TVs, cameras, laptops and microphones in each studio so that if any parent feels uncomfortable sending their child to the studio or if a child is feeling unwell or has been in contact with a person with symptoms, they can continue their classes at home via Zoom. Also, if we are mandated to close by the government, each and every class will be instantly on Zoom. There will be no discount for Zoom classes as the teachers’ expertise and class content remains the same and the studio overhead costs remain the same.

Registering for classes

You may register in-person at the studio, online, by email or by phone. You will be required to fill out an on-line waiver form when registering. This is similar to the waiver form signed in previous years but with added clauses regarding COVID-19.

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