Teacher Training Workshop
The Teacher Training program is comprised of an evening workshop with follow-up opportunities. The goal of this workshop is to share best practices, as well as strategies and tools to help dancers as they embark on the next step of their journey here at the studio as teaching assistants, teachers, and choreographers. It is important for us to set each dancer up for success and support them throughout the year. As the studio continues to evolve, we realize that investing in our students has resulted in outcomes beyond what we could have ever imagined. We are continually impressed by the creativity, kindness and humility of our dancers. We are very proud of our students and alumni, and this workshop is an opportunity to invest in them.

Student Choreography Mentorship Program
LDW has always been a proponent of student choreography. We believe that choreography is an important skill to have as a dancer and teacher and this program allows us to encourage and support our students as they embark on their artistic journey. In this program, senior student choreographers will be paired up with junior/intermediate dancers to create a solo to be performed during the competitive season. The senior students will be matched with a mentor (senior teacher) who will be there to guide them through the process and ensure a successful first experience. We are proud to have amazing student and alumni choreographers who have been acknowledged for excellence in choreography and pursued careers as choreographers. (Please see Alumni)

Fall Workshop Series
LDW is proud to be the only studio in the city to offer a high calibre Fall Workshop Series, showcasing leaders in the dance industry. On Friday evenings we will bring in a working dancer/choreographer from TO, NYC or LA to share with our students. The opportunity to learn from such an accomplished and diverse group of teachers allows dancers to develop the skills to pick up choreography, adapt to different teaching approaches and explore new styles of movement. Through this program, the studio, and our dancers have cultivated phenomenal working relationships with some of the industry’s best choreographers, which have led to success in the competitive dance world as well as opportunities for dancers looking to study and work in the industry after they graduate.

The 2017 Fall Workshop Series includes:

Linda Garneau, Kevin Howe, Keanu Uchida, Akira Uchida, Nicole Serino, Caroline Torti, Jesse Robb, Jordan Boyle,  Rebecca Zizek, and Claire Ellis.

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