Why I Pay For Dance

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Inspired by a blog post by Shad Martin:

The other night someone asked me: “Why do you pay so much money for your child to dance?” 

This is what I responded: “Well, let me tell you a secret, I don’t pay for dance.Do you want to know what I’m paying for?”

I am paying for my child to learn to be disciplined. 

I am paying for my child to learn to take care of their mind and body. 

I am paying for my child to learn how to work with others and to be a good team mate. 

I pay so that my child learns to face disappointment when they do not receive what they expected, and then discover that it is essential to continue to work hard regardless.

I pay so that my child learns to set and achieve goals.

I pay so that my child understands that it takes hours and hours of hard work and practice to create something beautiful, and that success does not come overnight.

I pay to offer my child the opportunity to make life lasting friendships.

I pay so that my child spends time atrehearsals, instead of in front of a screen.

I pay for all the teachings from this beautiful artistic discipline: responsibility, commitment, creativity, self-confidence… 

I could go on, but to be short, I don’t pay for dance, I pay for the opportunities that dance provides my child to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout life.

Author/Source: Shad Martin

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