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  • I would like to take a moment to thank you and your teachers for everything! Maya lives to dance and can’t see herself doing anything else. She would be in the studio every waking minute if she could. And I will do everything I can to make her dreams come true. I am so happy we moved to LDW and that Maya gets to be part of such an amazing team of dancers, choreographers and teachers. Thank you so much.

    Sarah Sourour
  • We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for such an incredible show on Saturday! Our little ballerina had a blast and we loved watching her perform. The dancers were all breathtaking and we loved the visuals and all of the costumes. We were also so touched by the warmth and love that you exude for the dancers. We felt the strong sense of community that your centre possesses and were moved to tears by your speech. We’re grateful for the amount of work that you and your staff have put towards the production. It was an incredible show and brought everyone together after a few tough years. We felt normal and blissfully happy. Thank you!

  • I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you for all the preparations that went into making the recital a success. Everyone looked great and the whole production ran smoothly - as far as I could tell and as a parent/audience member and that's what matters. You have a great team who obviously put in a lot of organizational time. I hope you all get some rest and we look forward to classes in the Fall.

    Melissa Landry
  • Congratulations to you, your staff and all the great dancers. John and I attended Annabelle 1st ballet recital on Saturday afternoon and I was overwhelmed with emotion. The show was fantastic! You must be so proud of these kids and what you have all accomplished after the last 2 years. The fun and enthusiasm displayed on Saturday has left a joyous memory for John and me. We look forward to future shows and continuing the dance traditions and love in our family. Thank You All.

    Margaret Berry
  • We've recently joined the LDW Family and firstly, just wanted to say how incredibly happy we are to have found you. This is exactly the environment, community and instructors that we had been hoping for Kaiya and we could not be more thankful to have found your wonderful school. I have never seen Kaiya open up as she has her first class. The pandemic has taken a toll on her social health. Pre-pandemic she was a very social little girl. After almost a year in complete isolation she went back to daycare in June and still has not yet spoken a single word or partaken in any class activities. To see her go up and dance without hesitation, join the class and participate in every movement, meant the world to us and was a HUGE step for her towards opening up. Thank you again. Truly. We are in absolute shock as to how much Kaiya loves it. Every morning she wakes up asking if it is Saturday yet and when she can go back to “Ballet School”. We already love you, and feel very confident we’ll be a positive part of your family for many years to come….Wow! That recital was AMAZING!!! We’re all totally blown away and so happy to be part of this family now! Thanks again so much! We’re so happy to have found you and see Kaiya coming out of her shell. Big hugs and high-fives!

    Matt and Ann Louis-Seize
  • Although I was never a dancer myself, I have a lot of respect for the world of dancers and all of the wonderful things that come with it. Camille and Léah have grown to be great and extremely well rounded young ladies and dance has played a significant role in all of this for many reasons. It was my pleasure to help with fundraising and all the rehearsals. Everyone benefited and we as parents had lots of fun doing it as well - Some great team bonding time! I have absolutely nothing bad to say, I will definitely cherish every little bit of it.

    Sophie Pellicano
  • I attended Leeming DanceWorks for 20 years, first as a little dancer and later as a teacher. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been a part of this community. Not only did I learn technique, I learnt dedication and commitment, and gained confidence that continues to positively impact my career and life to date. Sharon is an incredible teacher and mentor. I highly recommend the studio and look forward to enrolling my little one for classes in such an encouraging environment.

    Ashley CochraneEnrolled the first year the studio opened
  • The loving environment that Leeming DanceWorks provided us was so great to grow up in. It has been our second home for our whole lives!

    Rea Demers-Colombi and Julia Bourque
  • We have so many fond memories of our over 15 years at the studio and we’re so grateful for all of the opportunities you afforded us, not only as students, but also later on as teachers and as mentors.

    Emma and Mary Kathryn Bohn
  • Leeming DanceWorks was my second home growing up, and I simply can’t imagine the person I would be today if I hadn't had the experiences that I did thanks to the studio. Thank you so much and wishing you all the best in years to come.

    Dahlia Caro
  • I danced at Leeming DanceWorks for 13 years and I had such a positive experience there! From a shy 4 year old, to a confident 17 year old, I learned so much in my time at DanceWorks. I competed in ballet and jazz, took many ballet exams, and created lifelong friendships (not just with my fellow dancers, but with the teachers, as well)! I’m so excited for my 3 year old daughter to start dancing here in the fall!

    Nicole Kennedy
  • This studio raised me from the age of 3 and taught me not only how to dance, but so many more important life lessons, essentially raising me to be the woman I am today. The classes are all inclusive and motivating, technical and creative and provided me the skills in and out of the studio to take on every challenge life has to offer. The owner, Sharon, cares deeply about each and every student and the faculty is beyond professional and talented. When I have children, they will definitely be enrolled at Leeming DanceWorks.

    Rachel Cogan
  • These past 10 years dancing at Leeming have been absolutely amazing! I don't even have words to express my appreciation and thanks to you for being such a great part of my life.

  • Thank you so much for creating such a positive atmosphere in the studio to nourish our dreams in. It truly is a home away from home, a second family.

  • You really go above and beyond in making all of your students feel confident and loved.

    Lauren O'Neill
  • I want to thank the Leeming DanceWorks family for accepting me on to their competitive team. I decided to change studios three years ago, and that was the best decision of my life. Dancing at Leeming has brought me so much opportunity. At the Orleans studio, I have the privilege of receiving high-quality instruction and most of all, I can be part of the artistic achievements and creations of renowned choreographers.

    Amy Poirier
    Amy Poirier
  • We are thrilled to have discovered Leeming DanceWorks studio in Orleans. Leeming is a welcoming environment, excelling in all facets of dance (lyrical, contemporary, hiphop, tap, ballet & jazz). The staff is extremely supportive, professional and approachable. Leeming provides great opportunities for the dancers and encourages them to explore their individuality. On a frequent basis, the studio arranges guest choreographers, intensive dance workshops and improv sessions. For our daughter, becoming a part of the Leeming dance team has been an awesome experience! I highly recommend this studio.

    Patricia Theoret-Patrick
  • I have three daughters who are members of Leeming DanceWorks dance studio in Orleans. All three love to dance and whether it be ballet, jazz or tap I have seen their technique improve each and every year. We would like to thank Sharon and her staff for a wonderful job that they do. We have been very happy with all aspects of Leeming from the dance education to the professionalism and experience of all the teachers. I would recommend Leeming DanceWorks to all who want to participate in a wonderful dance experience.

    Lucia de Almeida
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